Red Dwarf XI: Review: The Merchandise

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For the first time in over a decade, there’s some new official Red Dwarf merchandise – and it doesn’t feel like a case of cashing in. Matrix have partnered with UKTV and Grant Naylor Productions for the products, which tie very specifically in with the new series of Red Dwarf XI running on Dave.

The clothing lines include a couple of different hoodies, one with the show logo, the other with a Technician 3rd Class insignia, both of which are good quality with zips that don’t die after a couple of uses (or shrink massively in the wash). There’s assorted T-shirts of similar ilk – one with the Lady Be Good Club logo (and lots of equations for those who need their illicit fix of science!) glows in the dark. You can get a Kryten Krisis Keyring (which no doubt will make a lot more sense in a couple of weeks’ time when the episode has aired), as well as a mug or a poster featuring the posse as they appear now.

Add in the expected baseball cap, tote bag and postcards and there’s pretty much something for every pocket.

rdshop_starbugmanual_tshirt_1Verdict: A good selection for the discerning fan.

Paul Simpson

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