Star Trek: Review: The Star Trek Book

Star Trek bookBy Paul Ruditis and Sandford Galden-Stone

DK Books, out now

Star Trek 101 (redux)…

If it wasn’t for the fact that Paula Block and Terry J. Erdmann had already published a book of the core information about the Star Trek universe under that title, Star Trek 101 would have been a perfect name for this volume, which won’t teach anything new to those who have been fans of the series for years, but which will act as a primer for those new to the show.

What this volume does – which for obvious reasons earlier ones didn’t – is put information about the Kelvin-verse (or as they call it on most occasions, events after the Temporal Incursion of 2233) alongside that from the Prime timeline. Unfortunately, even so, it only covers the first two movies and gives them rather more weight than they perhaps deserve in the grand scheme of 50 Years of Star Trek.

There’s information on the set up of Star Trek, and then key points on the main characters and ships of the five TV series before it starts to impart other information. You may argue about what’s been included and omitted, but the authors give clear descriptions with some very occasional DK cutaways. The picture choice is perhaps not always the best – there are definitely better shots of James Doohan than the one used as the main picture in his section, for example, or of Q on his floating throne (even Blu-ray screen grabs!) – but the idea of the book isn’t to provide fans with something new, it’s for those who’ve heard about this Star Trek thing and want to know more. For those people, this book provides everything in one place (although I suspect most would put “Star Trek” into Google and be directed to where there’s similar information!).

Verdict: A good primer – for those that need one.

Paul Simpson

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