Supergirl: Review: Season 2 Episode 1: The Adventures of Supergirl

supergirl-2-1It’s all change in National City when Kara’s cousin comes to help out…

There are a couple of moments in this joyful season opener of Supergirl that Zack Snyder should be sat in front of Clockwork Orange style (or Doctor Who TV Movie style if you’ve not seen the Kubrick film) and made to watch for… oh, maybe a week continuously or so. One is when Superman comes to visit the DEO offices, and the staff’s reaction to the Kryptonian visitor; the other is when Superman and Supergirl work together to stop one single building from being destroyed. Both have their negative alternates in the Snyder-verse – but this is the version of the Super-cousins that I’m far more interested in watching.

It never felt as if Kara was a guest star in her own series: the key beats were all based around her and her friends. The changes necessitated by moving production from CBS to the CW and from LA to Vancouver are addressed up front – everyone but Kara knows of the “other” (ie Canadian based!) DEO offices – and Callista Flockhart’s changed status has provided some good creative opportunities for writers and cast. I wasn’t so convinced by the way that the relationship between Kara and James Olsen was handled – I appreciate they couldn’t keep going with the dates-not-happening, but this just seemed too abrupt.

Tyler Hoechlin convinced as Superman and, more importantly, as Clark from the off, with the prior relationships with Cat, Henshaw and Jimmy helping him to slide more easily into the series than the Flash did (although that’s nothing against that episode!). His presence also helped the arrival of Katie McGrath’s Lena Luthor – the former Merlin star grew more comfortable in the role by the end of the episode, and it’ll be interesting to see if nature or nurture triumphs with her.

Verdict: A kickass and most importantly fun start to Supergirl’s sojourn on the CW. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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