Star Wars: Review: Year by Year: A Visual History

star-wars-year-by-year-jacketDK Books, out now

A guide to the last century through the prism of Star Wars

Yes, you read that right – this beautifully produced book doesn’t just cover the lifetime of the Star Wars saga, although of course that’s the primary focus; it extends back to 1914 and starts by looking at all of the many different influences that would come to bear on George Lucas and those involved creatively with the franchise. That leads into the salient points of Lucas’s pre-Star Wars life being recapped…

And then we get into the meat of the book, a month by month (and sometimes day by day) account of everything that’s important that happened in the real world connected to Star Wars. Not just the making of the movies and the TV shows, but the comic books, the novels, the tie-in magazines and parodies – pretty much everything you could possibly want is here. There’s a plethora of illustrations, with some paintings gorgeously reproduced as double paged spreads in this coffee table sized book, and plenty of behind the scenes art that isn’t easily available elsewhere.

Real world events that aren’t connected to Star Wars are mentioned too to provide context – the opening of the Channel Tunnel or the Live Aid concert for example. Important events in other franchises, such as the return of Star Trek, get proper mentions (although it is American-centric, with no mention for Doctor Who).

It’s the sort of book that if you’re a Star Wars fan you’re going to consult to settle arguments or check trivia details. For everyone else, it’s a glorious history. It’s not cheap – but worth every penny.

Verdict: A fantastic addition to the Star Wars library. 10/10

Paul Simpson

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