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tw-talesThe first ten Torchwood audios in one collection…

As Big Finish’s recent series of Torchwood stories has demonstrated, there are many different versions of the show, and the assorted audios that appeared between 2008 and 2012 confirm that. They come from a wide variety of writers – James Goss and Joe Lidster provide two each, while current Doctor Who producer Brian Minchin, Steven Savile, Dan Abnett, Ian Edgington, David Llewellyn and Mark Morris each are responsible for one – and there’s a good cross-section of the cast reading them. The only key actor not represented is John Barrowman – the Jack-centric story is read by John Telfer – while Kai Owen and Tom Price step up to the plate on multiple occasions.

Looking back over my original reviews, there are references to “spine-tingling moments” in Joe Lidster’s In the Shadows, while there’s laugh-aloud dialogue courtesy of James Goss in both Department X and Ghost Train. The separate reviews of the four post-Miracle Day stories are still up – links below.

Relistening to them now, you can see some avenues that the production team might have taken. Not all the cast seemed that comfortable with the audiobook format and I’m certain that were they to be rerecorded now, they would be considerably pacier in some instances, but they’re still enjoyable tales.

Verdict: A fascinating set of snapshots of how Torchwood was seen at the time it was in production and well worth a listen. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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