Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents 2: The Genesis Chamber

dw4dphp02_thegenesischamber_1417sqThe Doctor and Leela arrive on a colony world where some live within the city, protected by Inscape, while others survive in the wild and are regarded as savages…

And if you think that that sounds suspiciously like Doctor Who is riffing on Brave New World, then you’d be spot on. Children are created for those who live in the city; they’re born naturally to the savages. There’s very definitely elements of both the Aldous Huxley classic as well as Leela’s introductory story The Face of Evil about this – and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why it slots so seamlessly into the Big Finish Fourth Doctor and Leela canon. It’s a synthesis of all that has proved to work so well, building the character of Leela while still keeping her true to the way she was on screen, and Marc Platt’s script giving Tom Baker plenty of opportunities to demonstrate the many different sides of the Fourth Doctor – from righteous anger to manipulation to downright silliness.

Philip Hinchcliffe’s plot keeps you guessing, with new factors constantly introduced so that even what sometimes feels like clichéd romantic situations have further connotations, and the impassioned performances from all concerned help sell the sometimes heightened reality.

Verdict: Very much giving you an idea where Hinchcliffe would have taken the show had he stayed for a further year, this is a classic Fourth Doctor and Leela tale. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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