Review: The Disease

DiseaseTitlePage1Written by Paul Kane

Art by Pawel Kardis

Hellbound Media, out now

“My name is Gus Harper and I am diseased…”

Paul Kane’s sharp short horror tale has come to Kickstarter-funded life in this polished and stylish rendition with a script by Kane himself and beautifully painted art from Pawel Kardis. Beautiful may be an odd choice of adjective, given that the first page includes a close up of boils, and the interior of a toilet after someone has been shitting blood, but it’s the correct one – as Kane does with the script, Kardis juxtaposes the beauty of the real world with the disfigurement of the disease, allowing the pages to become darker as the story does.

Kane’s writing doesn’t take prisoners and Kardis depicts the full horror of the situation, from the clinical dryness of a hospital (with correctly coloured caps for the different blood tests) to the closing pages where a full moon looks down on scenes of desolation. It’s an unsettling tale, and one that may well haunt you.

Verdict: A very vivid rendition of a horrific tale. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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