The Exorcist: Review: Series 1 Episode 2: Lupus in Fabula

exorcist-1-2Angela becomes more worried about Casey – with good cause…

The expansion of the mythos that’s necessary to turn a two hour movie into an ongoing TV series is starting to become clear in this second part, which doesn’t hide the demonic possession that’s going on. There’s also what feels like an inclusion of elements of The Omen as well, with Casey becoming a focus for other demons who want to be close to her (shades of the way Damien was regarded) and accidents happening around her. There’s a very nice twist towards the end regarding her that sets off a whole new set of possibilities – in fact, not just regarding her but also her father – with Hannah Kasulka playing things at precisely the right level.

We learn a lot more about Ben Daniels’ Father Marcus, from the opening flashback to the interestingly directed sequence between the two priests towards the end of the episode, with Daniels and Alfonso Herrera both providing excellent work. The portion in the third act with the killings was suitably horrific, although it did feel rather like a crossover with a very different sort of series (subtlety not exactly being its watchword), and I’m really hoping that this series resists the temptation to go for grand guignol: there’s so much inherently horrific in the premise (as realised in the scene where the demon is using Casey to feel herself), that it doesn’t need that.

Verdict: A strong continuation. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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