Review: Star Trek: Waypoint #1


Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Mack Chater



Writer/Artist: Sandra Lanz

Geordi and Data encounter an implacable force; Uhura makes a new friend

IDW’s new anthology series is a place for shorter tales from all aspects of the Star Trek universe, not necessarily directly fitting into any established part of either the comics or the TV continuities. In the case of this opener, we’ve got one future TNG tale and a vignette from the original five year mission of Jim Kirk’s Enterprise.

Cates and Chater’s TNG story is set some way down the line from Nemesis, on a ship that’s basically only got Geordi and Data on board. It’s not Data as we knew him in any previous incarnation, but it’s a very logical extrapolation and makes for a very interesting dynamic between the two old friends. That friendship is at the heart of the story, as are two key precepts of the Star Trek universe (spoilers to say which – but let’s just say this is a better take on one of them than we had in the not that distant past). Chater’s art is very dynamic and deals with the potential pitfalls of the situation in terms of characters very well.

Lanz’s tale focuses purely on Lieutenant Uhura, stranded on a planet and encountering the native life form. There’s a poignant bittersweet feel to the ending, and I’d love to see a second version of this tale told from the creature’s perspective. The art for this is gorgeous, and I hope Lanz creates more of this little vignettes.

Verdict: Two very different and enjoyable tales. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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