Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: 4th Doctor Adventures 5.8: Casualties of Time

DW4D0508_casualtiesoftime_1417Secrets and Lies – Cuthbert-style…

Nick Briggs wraps this latest season of Tom Baker adventures up in style with this clever tale that sorts out quite a few loose ends from the past few months, as well as establishing exactly who Cuthbert is. He also plays with fire, giving Tom Baker the word “bazooka” to declaim…

Very much the second half of last month’s release, this gives all the leads plenty to do – the subtle way in which the relationship between the Doctor and Romana truly has become one of equals now, rather than the Doctor and companion it could still sometimes be on the TV stories throughout their tenure, is one of the strengths of the season. (Yes, I know that it’s a hallmark of Big Finish’s stories, but it’s worth praise when it’s done as well as here.) The revelations about Cuthbert give David Warner some interesting opportunities, and David Troughton likewise with regards to Mr Edge and his alter ego (if you’ve waited till both parts of the story were out, I won’t spoil it). I’d not registered that John Leeson had a double role last month which he continues here – the Oortag as well as K-9 – and even the pesky parrot has a key role to play! Jamie Robertson’s sound design and music are as strong as ever.

Verdict: An appropriately twisting, clever and well-produced finale. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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