Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: The War Doctor 3.2: The Eternity Cage

dwtwd0302_theeternitycage_1417The Sontarans are determined to become part of the Time War – but they really don’t know the forces they’re playing with…

Andrew Smith continues his domination of all things Sontaran with this clever story that plays off some of the same ideas as we’ve recently heard in his Classic Doctors, New Monsters story but takes them in a different direction. The Moonheads (well, it makes a change from potato head!) seem to think that they’ve found a way to ensure that either the Time Lords or the Daleks will allow them to take part in the Greatest Conflict Ever!, but strategy isn’t necessarily their strong point, and when you don’t understand the potential of the materials you’re dealing with, you’re likely to come a cropper.

Smith provides plenty of strong dialogue for John Hurt, Jacqueline Pearce and Nick Briggs to deliver as the Doctor, Cardinal Ollistra and the Dalek Time Strategist respectively, throwing each into situations where they are not comfortable. Barnaby Edwards has an important role as Vassarian that could easily have become overtly melodramatic in the wrong hands, and Dan Starkey somehow yet again gives a fresh batch of Sontarans distinct personalities while not losing track of their clone nature. (I’ll talk more about the others in the next review. Spoilers…)

Verdict: Be careful what you wish for… 9/10

Paul Simpson

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