Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish: Classic Doctors New Monsters 1.1: Fallen Angels

DWCDNM0101_fallenangels_1417The Fifth Doctor encounters the kind assassins in Renaissance Italy…

Phil Mulryne’s Fifth Doctor story kicks off this new box set in style, with a well-constructed reworking of the Weeping Angels’ first appearance that hits all the key points in a way that feels fresh. They may not seem like the most obvious monsters to do on audio but Mulryne and director Barnaby Edwards find ways that make them just as creepy in this new incarnation as they were onscreen (in one of the very few stories of 21st century Doctor Who that really did make me jump). There’s a very good use of both the soundscape and the music score by Howard Carter to create the differing time periods as well as the claustrophobia of an Angel attack.

It’s an interesting melange of the classic era sensibilities and the feel of the new – it certainly has the pace of the latter with not a line wasted, and all the necessary bits of introduction got out of the way in brief flashbacks rather than given a whole episode, as they might be in a standard main range tale. There are some very nice touches as Peter Davison’s Doctor is given some dialogue sometimes more associated with other incarnations but which is highly appropriate in the circumstances, and Sacha Dhawan and Diane Morgan make good “acting companions”. Matthew Kelly’s Michelangelo is hopefully someone who could appear again in the Big Finish universe, a new series era “big name” character from history who crosses the Doctor (and the Angels’) path.

Verdict: Like Blink, this one will make you shiver even on the warmest day. An excellent start. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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