Review: Torchwood: Big Finish Audio 2.6: Made You Look

TWAB0206_madeyoulook_1417Gwen investigates a deserted village…

Guy Adams’ concluding story for this second season of audio adventures uses the format really well, making a virtue of the fact that the listener is totally reliant on sound for the input, and throwing Gwen and us into a nightmare world that could easily have stepped from Sapphire and Steel.

Very definitely a tale to be slotted in the “go into it knowing as little as possible” category, Made You Look shows Gwen at her best as she tries to understand what is going on in Talmouth and realising that this is something outwith everything she has dealt with in the past 10 years of investigations. There are shoutouts back to her time as a copper, as well as her warring instincts as Torchwood operative and mother/wife, with Eve Myles on top form throughout.

Torchwood can sometimes be action/adventure, sometimes pulp sci-fi, and occasionally it wanders firmly into horror territory – and Made You Look is one of the most horrific that has been produced to date. Once again, the audio series makes judgment calls on what is adult horror that work better than the Countrycide or Cyberwoman efforts on screen: I was listening to this on a sunny day driving down to Cardiff, and was shivering at times in unison with Gwen and those she interacts with. It’s great work from Adams, sound designer Steve Foxon, composer Blair Mowat and director Scott Handcock – and sends this season of the contemporary version of Torchwood out on a high.

Verdict: A truly scary audio tale. 10/10

Paul Simpson

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