Review: Deceptions (Cainsville #3)

deceptions-ukBy Kelley Armstrong

Sphere, out now

Liv finally starts to get some answers – even if they’re not always the ones she wants to hear…

The third in Kelley Armstrong’s latest fantasy series (not the conclusion of a trilogy as I’d originally thought, given book four has just come out!) deals with a lot of the hanging threads from the first two books, explaining Olivia’s place in the world of the fae and how her relationships with family and friends have repercussions far beyond her. It’s a couple of years since I read the second in the series, but Armstrong has a knack for reminding the reader of all the salient points very quickly without it feeling as if the characters are unnecessarily recapping information. She’s one of those writers who doesn’t waste words anyway!

The title is extremely appropriate – there are deceptions within deceptions here, and some of these are self-administered. Armstrong once again scatters third person chapters (given proper titles rather than numbers) throughout the book, many of which serve to underline this point – we spend time with both Liv’s biker friend Ricky and her boss Gabriel and see how much she means to them, and how misinterpretation can lead to disaster.

Many of the plotlines are resolved here, particularly with regard to Liv’s parents, but there’s more than enough left hanging to bring the reader back to find out what happens next.

Verdict: A very satisfactory resolution to the initial Cainsville plot threads. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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