Review: Star Trek: Manifest Destiny

ST_MD_TPB-cvr-659x1000By Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott

Art by Angel Hernandez

The crew of the Enterprise meet a highly unusual group of Klingons…

Ignore the rather brilliant covers that pay homage to the movie posters for the first four classic films – this isn’t a reworking of any of the plotlines from those. Manifest Destiny is a strong self-contained tale of the Klingons of the Kelvinverse trying to take control of the Enterprise and coming rather closer than Jim Kirk or any of his crew would like.

Bar one weird continuity issue (the universes split in 2233, so Jonathan Archer’s time in the Klingon Empire would be the same as in the prime timeline), this just doesn’t seem to put a foot wrong, taking what little we’ve seen of the Klingons in the Kelvinverse and extrapolating well. Johnson and Parrott know this iteration of the crew well, and there are some strong moments for each of them – particularly Dr McCoy, who finds himself in a very unusual position with one set of Klingons. There’s time for a few character moments – Kirk gets the chance to make a long overdue apology – but more than anything else, we see the military side of Starfleet coming to the fore, with strategy, cunning and sometimes brute force applied as necessary. Angel Hernandez’s art ranges from the grand in scale to extreme close-ups, with some great action sequences.

Verdict: A strong Star Trek tale, told well. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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