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Original Ghost in the Shell anime gets cinema release

Ghost in the ShellManga Entertainment has the announced that following the success of the recent Akira screenings, they will be bringing the seminal anime classic Ghost in the Shell back to UK cinemas on over 80 screens!

The one night only screenings will take place on the 25th January 2017, and will play in cinemas across the UK.

“Profound and beautifully animated, Ghost In The Shell redefined the anime genre by exploring complex ideas regarding AI and what it means to be human – these themes are just as important now as they were 20 years ago. Absolutely timeless and digitally remastered, this film deserves to be seen on the big screen!” Manga’s Andrew Hewson explained.

The film can be seen at the cinemas listed below; for more details click here

Aberdeen Union Square Cineworld Exeter Vue London West, Westfield Vue
Basingstoke Festival Place Vue Gateshead Vue Manchester Showcase
Bath PictureHouse Glasgow Showcase Manchester Red Vue
Belfast Odyssey Independent Glasgow Renfrew Street Cineworld Milton Keynes Cineworld
Birmingham Broad Street Cineworld Home Manchester Independent Newham Showcase
Birmingham Electric Hull Vue Northampton Vue
Birmingham, Star City Vue Inverness Vue Norwich PictureHouse
Bluewater CDL Showcase Lancaster Dukes(Virt) Norwich Vue
Brighton Komedia PictureHouse Leeds Hyde Park (Virt) Nottingham Showcase
Bristol Showcase Leeds Showcase Oxford PictureHouse
Bristol CDL Showcase Leicester CDL Showcase Oxford Vue
Cambridge PictureHouse Liverpool Showcase Paisley Showcase
Cambridge Vue Liverpool, FACT PictureHouse Peterborough Showcase
Cardiff Showcase London East, Stratford East PictureHouse Plymouth Vue
Cheshire Oaks Vue London Central, Central PictureHouse Portsmouth No. 6 (Virt)
Coventry Showcase London Central, Prince Charles Portsmouth Vue
Crawley Cineworld London East, Hackney PictureHouse Reading Showcase
Derby CDL Showcase London East, West India Quay Cineworld Sheffield Cineworld
Dublin Cineworld London East, Westfield Stratford Vue Sheffield Vue
Dublin Vue London North, Crouch End PictureHouse Southampton PictureHouse
Dudley Showcase London North, Finchley Road Vue Stirling Vue
Dundee DCA London North, Islington Vue Swansea Vue
Edinburgh Cineworld London North, Wood Green Vue Teesside Showcase
Edinburgh Cameo PictureHouse London South, Croydon Grants Vue Walsall Showcase
Enfield Cineworld London South, Ritzy PictureHouse Watford Vue
Exeter PictureHouse London South, Wandsworth Cineworld York PictureHouse
York Vue


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