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Game of Thrones reigns over Emmys

got-s6-key-artGame of Thrones has beaten the record for total Emmys for a scripted series with its triumphs at the 2016 Awards held on September 18.

The HBO series added a further three awards to the nine it won at the Creative Emmys last week, with Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Drama Series. Its 38 trophies exceeds Frasier by one – with at least one more season in contention (next year’s Season 7 won’t be, because of its later transmission slot). “We love Frasier,” executive producer D.B Weiss told reporters backstage. “They had a long run. We’re sure that somebody will come and take this from us. We just hope that it doesn’t happen until we’re all dead.” Saturday Night Live has won 45 trophies over its 41 seasons, and continued to add at this year’s ceremony.

“Thank you George Martin for writing the books that changed our lives. Thank you to our parents for letting us have television and comic books and Dungeons and Dragons and all the other things that taught us how to do our jobs,” Weiss said, accepting the award for Outstanding Writing for the episode Battle of the Bastards.

Orphan Black also won Outstanding Lead Actress for Tatiana Maslany, while the Sherlock special, The Abominable Bride was the Outstanding Television Movie.


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