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New role for Jim Gordon in Gotham series 3

gotham-season-3-poster-388x600James Gordon’s journey continues to darken during the third season of Gotham, executive producer Ken Woodruff has revealed.

The former GCPD detective will be a bounty hunter this season. “He is a lot more brooding, a lot more intense, and a lot more heartless, in some ways,” Woodruff told Collider. “If James Gordon, the detective for the GCPD, had to be a moral anchor for the people of Gotham, James Gordon, the bounty hunter, is not. He can be much more ruthless in his actions and transactions.”

Gordon isn’t the only one changing this year; in the interview (in which, be warned, there are various spoilers for the season) Woodruff reveals plans for the Bruce Wayne doppleganger seen at the end of season 2, as well as the logic behind the recasting of Poison Ivy, and how Gordon’s new role affects both Harvey Bullock and Captain Barnes. “In order to take Gotham from the place that it was in Season 1 to the place that it needs to be for Batman to arrive, one of the biggest pieces of that was the heroes falling off, dying and turning evil,” Woodruff explains.

Read the full interview here. Gotham returns to Fox in the US on September 19.


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