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DS9’s Chase Masterson joins McCoy for Big Finish

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Chase Masterson is accompanying Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy in the new audio The Shadow Heart, coming out this November.

Speaking exclusively to Sci-Fi Bulletin, Chase explained, “My friend Frazer Hines, the fabulous actor who played Jamie McCrimmon on Doctor Who, referred me to the Big Finish team. When I got the call from the producer David Richardson, I was thrilled. If there’s any property an actor would want to be a part of — in addition to Trek — it’s Doctor Who. Fifty years of great stories, and counting! It’s great that the property has recently started to garner the widespread respect in the U.S. that it deserves. And every aspect of doing Big Finish has been an excellent experience — working with Sylvester and the Big Finish team, the fans’ enthusiasm, and yes, the lunch. Can’t wait for you to hear what we did!”

“We were delighted to get Chase on board,” says producer David Richardson. “It turned out she was heading to the UK for a convention – and we had the perfect feisty role for her in The Shadow Heart.”


One thought on “DS9’s Chase Masterson joins McCoy for Big Finish

  1. Because Chase Masterson is a sweet, charming LADY; and y’know, them’s is hard to find these days.

    Thanks for signing my girlfriend’s pic at GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs, Chase! It’s hanging in the den.:)

    Posted by Buck Bengoshi | May 21, 2012, 9:54 pm

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