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Supergirl’s Superman to draw from many sources

Supergirl and Superman portraitThe incarnation of Superman who’s appearing on Supergirl this season will draw from many different previous versions, according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.

Speaking to Collider, Kreisberg explained how they devised the Superman played by Tyler Hoechin. “We cherry pick the best parts and things that we love. So, there’s a little bit of the Christopher Reeve Superman in there, a healthy dose of the Superman animated series, which we’re huge fans of, a little bit of Lois & Clark, a little George Reeves, and a little Super Friends.”

Their version is  “probably something a little bit more traditional. There’s certainly a little bit of the ‘Aw shucks’ about him, but he’s been Superman for awhile, so there’s a savviness about him as Superman and as Clark. If he’s been Superman for 12 years, that also means that he’s been Clark Kent for 12 years. He knows how to interview somebody. He knows how to get a story out of someone.”

The full interview, in which Kreisberg talks about Kara’s many different challenges during the second year, can be read here. Supergirl starts on October 10 on the CW.



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