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RIP Catweazle creator Richard Carpenter

Richard Carpenter, the creator of Catweazle and Robin of Sherwood, among many other writing credits, has died.

Born in 1933, Carpenter was responsible for many well-loved children’s series of the 1970s and 1980s, beginning with Catweazle, starring Geoffrey Bayldon as a wizard transported through time to the 20th century. He also created The Ghosts of Motley Hall and the Richard O’Sullivan version of Dick Turpin, before the three series of Robin of Sherwood, starring Michael Praed and Jason Connery.

Tributes have been paid by his fellow scriptwriters, with Gail Renard describing him as a “lovely talented man”, and Anthony Horowitz, who broke the news on Twitter, calling him a “genius and a lovely man”.

Read our interview with Catweazle star Geoffrey Bayldon here


3 thoughts on “RIP Catweazle creator Richard Carpenter

  1. Sad to hear of Richard Carpenter’s death. Robin of Sherwood was his crowning achievement and put the later Hollywood versions and the BBC abomination to shame. His contribution to quality British Children’s Television was considerable easily dwarfing that of the majority of writers in the last two decades-plus. He will be missed and his work remembered.

    Posted by Hal | February 27, 2012, 8:38 pm
    • A sad loss indeed – wouldn’t a fitting tribute be to make available Richard’s third Catweazle script, in novel form, as were the first two? Who knows – some enterprising producer might latch on and dramatise it, within the spirit of the original series, since I gather it involved a return to Hexwood, Carrot having had the memory of his erstwhile companion magically erased! I’m guessing George Bennett was planned to hold a candle for the attractive new female GP.
      RIP Richard – and thankyou for the enjoyment you gave us!
      PS it’s obviously a shame it was never made back then, when all those wonderful actors were around and in their prime. One of my favourites is Neil McCarthy’s Sam Woodyard. But there are enough worthy players around now, able to take on these roles. If any of the mandarins responsible for cancelling it see this positng, they should hang their heads!
      This is not unique, of course – the follow-on of Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander, starring Russell Crowe, has yet to be made. But I won’t ramble on…..

      Posted by Mike | November 15, 2012, 8:25 pm
  2. I was unaware that these series shared one creator, I’ll admit, but I feel sad about that too. Such creativity now lost to the world surely diminishes it!

    RIP Richard Carpenter…

    Posted by Imagineer.steve | March 1, 2012, 10:55 pm

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