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American Gods descend on Amazon Prime

American Gods logoStarz’ adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods will follow the channel’s other fantasy series, Outlander, onto Amazon Prime in the UK, Germany, Austria and Japan.

The show stars Ricky Whittle as protagonist ex-con Shadow Moon, Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday who enlists Shadow Moon as part of his cross-country mission and Emily Browning as Shadow’s wife, Laura Moon. American Gods also features Gillian Anderson as Media, the mouthpiece for the New Gods. Pablo Schreiber also stars as Mad Sweeney, with Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, Bruce Langley as Technical Boy, Crispin Glover as Mr. World, Jonathan Tucker as Low Key Lyesmith, Peter Stormare as Czernobog, Cloris Leachman as Zorya Vechernyaya, Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy, Demore Barnes as Mr. Ibis and Kristin Chenoweth as Easter. The show is written and showrun by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

American Gods will premiere in 2017.



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