Blake’s 7: Review: Books: Maximum Power!

Maximum Power properBy Matthew West, Andy Davidson, Robert Hammond, Andrew Orton, Chris Orton, Phil Ware

Miwk Publishing, out now

Everything you really didn’t think you needed to know about Blake’s 7 in one handy package…

Not sure what episode was novelised for the Junior Blake’s 7 adventures? Uncertain which elements John Boorman picked up for his proposed B7 movie? Unaware of the fantastic five-part miniseries that explained Travis’ change of face? You need Maximum Power!, the totally unauthorised guide to Terry Nation’s classic series.

It’s the sort of book that can only be written by true fans of something – aware of all of the subject matter’s failings, and not having the slightest problem in pointing them out, but still willing to spend the time on it, rewatching the episodes multiple times just so yet another gag can be inserted at the expense of Tarrant. Or Avon. But mainly Tarrant.

Sure, at times it’s juvenile, and by no means every joke works – but enough do that you’ll look at the series in a different way next time you watch it, either because you’re looking for the origin of the joke, or because one of the observations hits a nerve. (To give you an idea of the tone: “It’s a shame Colin Baker underplays Bayban so much,” is their comment on City at the Edge of the World. “What could’ve been a memorable villain just sort of fades into the background, barely noticeable.”) And you’re bound to wonder about some of those episodes that don’t feel…quite right… (If none of the above has grabbed you, then remember that proceeds are going to three very worthy charities.)

Verdict: The book that puts Blake’s 7 on the pedestal it deserves – and throws things at it. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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