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McMahon & Betts join Childhood’s End

Syfy’s epic adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End has added further stars to its cast. Former Fantastic Four foe Julian McMahon (he played Doctor Doom in the FF movies a few years back) and Daisy Betts will be appearing alongside Mike Vogel, Charles Dance, Ashley Zukerman, Osy Ikhile and Yael Stone. McMahon will play … Continue reading

New Adventures for Lethbridge-Stewart

We know what happened to the Brigadier after he died, as revealed in the recent Peter Capaldi episode Death in Heaven, but a new series of novels now charts his early years. Candy Jar Publishing are releasing a series of four books: The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen, Horror of Det-Sen by Lance Parkin, The … Continue reading

Moffat confirms Master’s return for Series 9

In an interview promoting the new Doctor Who Christmas Special in the Radio Times for week of 13th December, now hitting shops, Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat has confirmed that Missy aka the Master should be back for Series 9. Although he noted that he’s hesitant about giving too much away in case it … Continue reading

Early start for Capaldi’s Doctor Who Christmas Special

Peter Capaldi’s first full Christmas Special will be airing at the earliest time one of his episodes has been seen, by a considerable distance. According to the BBC One schedules, just released, Last Christmas will air from 6.15 to 7.15 pm on Christmas Day, preceded by the Strictly Come Dancing special, and followed by one … Continue reading

Doctor Who Christmas title & series 9 writer revealed

In a triple hit of Doctor Who news, the BBC revealed on November 25th that the title of this year’s Christmas Special is Last Christmas, hinted at by those in the know the day before who were predicting a rise in George Michael’s sales as a result of the new special. They have also released another … Continue reading

Matt Smith starring in Patient Zero

Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith’s Hollywood career is continuing to take off, with his casting as the lead in the new SF thriller Patient Zero, according to a report at Deadline. Smith will appear opposite Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer in the movie about an unprecedented global pandemic of a super strain of … Continue reading

Stephenson calls Doctor Who “one of the most secure shows”

Talking to the Hollywood Reporter on November 19 about the state of British television, Head of Drama Ben Stephenson confirmed that the BBC are very happy with the current state of Doctor Who. “I think it is one of the most secure shows we have ever had,” he noted. “And the U.S. ratings are up, … Continue reading

New 3rd Doctor adventures coming from Big Finish

The era of the Third Doctor will be returning to Big Finish, with two new stories featuring Tim Treloar as the narrator and as the voice of the Doctor, following his recreation of Jon Pertwee’s incarnation in the 50th anniversary story The Light at the End last year. He will appear alongside Katy Manning as … Continue reading

Doctor Who Christmas preview on Children in Need (video)

The first proper preview for this Christmas’ Doctor Who special formed part of the annual Children in Need evening on Friday 14th November. A brief teaser was shown after the broadcast of Death in Heaven and Jenna Coleman has been talking about the script – and the clip confirms that she is in the episode, … Continue reading

Watch the Doctor Who finale on the big screen at Bletchley Park

As part of the Station X event tomorrow (November 8) at Bletchley Park, there’s a chance to watch the Doctor Who finale, Death in Heaven, on the big screen. Presented by the Cambridge Film Trust and funded with the support of the BFI as  part of the Days of Fear and Wonder season, awarding funds … Continue reading

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