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Philip Seymour Hoffman dies

Acclaimed actor and new cast-member of The Hunger Games series of movies Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in his New York apartment today (February 2), of a reported drug overdose. He was 46 years old. The actor’s death poses a problem for the producers of the two-movie adaptation of the third Hunger Games’ … Continue reading

Capaldi costume revealed!

The BBC this evening (27 January 2014) unveiled the new look for Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor. The outfit, put together by BBC costume designer Howard Burden with input from Capaldi combines a neat white shirt (buttoned up to the neck), with a knitted cardigan or waistcoat, a pair of Doc Martens, and a Crombie coat with … Continue reading

Epic trailer for Doctor Who anniversary special released [VIDEO]!

The BBC have put the official first trailer for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special episode The Day of the Doctor online after it leaked early via Latin America. The trailer will air on BBC One on Saturday 9th November, just before Atlantis. The Day of the Doctor airs at 7.50pm on 23 November 2013. … Continue reading

OFFICIAL: 9 wiped Doctor Who episodes recovered: Enemy & Web!

The BBC has finally (after months of rumours) confirmed the return of nine episodes of Doctor Who long believed lost after the BBC itself deleted much of the show’s 1960s episodes. The two stories concerned are The Enemy of the World (episodes 1,2, 4, 5 and 6) and The Web of Fear (episodes 2, 4, … Continue reading

Inside No. 9: The New Psychoville?

Psychoville co-creators Reece Shearsmith and Whitechapel star and writer Steve Pemberton have abandoned plans for a follow-up series, opting instead to write and star in the macabre anthology show Inside No. 9 to be aired by the BBC this autumn. “Being in the middle of filming a series of Psychoville would be utterly depressing,” Shearsmith … Continue reading

Grant Morrison: “I’m bored of superheroes”!

Speaking recently at an Edinburgh International Book Festival event, comic book writer (Batman, All-Star Superman) Grant Morrison surprised his audience by admitting: “I’m bored of superheroes!” Speaking to a packed tent of comic book fans as part of the festival’s Stripped event on graphic novels and comic books, Morrison said: “I’m getting bored of superheroes. … Continue reading

Marvel’s Agent Carter TV series “in development”?

Following the release of atmospheric one-shot short Agent Carter on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray, Marvel are reportedly working on developing the concept into a full television series, just a week before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuts on ABC. The short saw Hayley Atwell reprise her role as Captain America’s girlfriend Peggy Carter. As an agent … Continue reading

New SF TV: 12 Monkeys and the return of Chris Carter!

SyFy have announced they’ve commissioned a pilot episode for a potential SF TV series based on Terry Gilliam’s time-twisting 1995 Brad Pitt-starring movie 12 Monkeys. At the same time, The X-Files creator Chris Carter is eyeing a return to SF TV with The After for the online service Amazon Studios. The SyFy 12 Monkeys pilot will … Continue reading

Paul Cornell: Why I’m Not Writing TV Doctor Who—The Truth!

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival last night (25 August 2013), screenwriter and author Paul Cornell finally honestly answered a long-asked question—why is he not writing any more for Doctor Who on TV? “It’s upsetting,” he admitted. “I get asked this regularly,” he said. “Sometimes several times a day on Twitter. You know what? I’m gonna … Continue reading

Luther’s Neil Cross to write for Capaldi on Doctor Who!

Writer Neil Cross, who is based in Wellington, New Zealand, has confirmed to Fairfax News that he is set to write an episode for new Doctor Peter Capaldi in the next series of Doctor Who. Cross, best known for Luther starring Idris Elba, wrote two episodes for Matt Smith’s final full series, The Rings of … Continue reading


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